Eat Nourish Glow



This book is the most honest and helpful cook book i have ever read and yes it is a read. Unlike normal “healthy eating” recipe/cook books, Amelia tells you what foods you should swap and WHY you should. The recipes do not contain foods you have never heard of and are easy to add into your everyday lifestyle.

Within the first week of purchasing this book, i  was 8lbs lighter! That was a bonus on top of what i have learnt about food and what food can be deceived as “healthy”

If you are dedicated to changing your lifestyle and shedding weight, you need to Eat Nourish Glow

No excuses, payday is just around the corner!

Here is a direct link to Amazon to get your copy and at only £7, all you have to lose is your post holiday weight and bad eating habits!

Happy Buying!

Jo x

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Fitness and foodie, I love trying new workouts and lots of amazing new foods. When i am not working, I'm working out (or eating) I am a keen runner and insanity survivor!

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