Why I’m not changing my FB profile picture to the French flag

Last night I sat, like most of the world, watching in horror at the events unfolding in Paris and hoping for the safety of all of the innocent people involved, silently devastated at each new loss.

My heart weeps for everyone affected by this heinous act of terrorism, for the destruction and loss.

I am not going to change my profile picture to have a filter of the French flag on it. Here’s why:

  • The same day as the attacks in France, a bomb was detonated at a funeral in Baghdad. I didn’t hear about it until after the attack in Paris.
  • The day before the attacks in France, over 40 people were killed in Beirut and over 200 were injured. I didn’t hear about it until after the attack in Paris.
  • Mexico and Japan have both been hit by major earthquakes, I haven’t heard much at all about these incidents.

Every day more and more people are being killed by acts of terrorism, or huge natural disasters. Changing my profile picture in support of one country is not going to help this. That is why I pledge to donate to relief funds for each of the countries named above and to find out if there are any other ways I can help.

The refugee crisis is still a problem and they are not the cause of these incidents, this is exactly what they are trying to escape. If we block our borders, we’re forcing them to decide to either go back to the same hell we’ve just witnessed or to stay in camps not knowing their final destinations.

They may have different coloured skin, or speak a different language, but they are the same as you and me and they want to live in peace.

I stand with Paris. I stand with Beirut. I stand with Baghdad. I stand with Mexico. I stand with Japan. 

I am human, we are one.


Gluten Free

Hi all,

It’s been a while since my last blog post! A lot has been happening recently including :

  • Passing my driving test
  • Completing the Great South Run

So aside from a hectic couple of months, I have also decided to go Gluten Free in my lifestyle, now this is not some “fad diet” I’m trying, this has been an ongoing occurance for the past few months.

When eating anything “heavy” i like to call it ( bread, pasta etc.)I always feel sluggish, sleepy, un-energetic, bloated and sometimes sick.

So for the past few days, i have tried to cut back further on the amount of gluten in my day to day diet and i have found the results to be quite effective.

I also have a skin condition called Keratosis pilaris, which is commonly known as “chicken skin” which causes numerous small, rough, tan or red little bumps around hair follicles commonly found on the upper arms and thighs.


Keratosis Pilaris affects an estimated 40 to 50% of the adult population and approximately 50 to 80% of all adolescents.

Keratosis pilaris is a common and harmless condition where the skin becomes rough and bumpy, as if covered in permanent goose pimples.

I have had this for as long as i can remember, originally, I thought it was caused by dry skin, a large amount of ingrown hairs and not exfoliating my skin enough, so i started making this part of my beauty routine, although i saw a minimal difference, i would always find some days were worse than others.

I have always been quite self conscious about it when wearing sleeveless tops and shorts.

Since going gluten free, I have noticed the redness has gone down a lot and there doesn’t seem to be as many on the back of my arms. I will continue to be gluten free for the next couple of weeks and then address this to my GP to inform them to hopefully get a better knowledge of if I am gluten intolerant, but for now, I am extremely happy with the results of my skin and hope for it to get better. A relief of what i thought i would have to live with for the foreseeable future.

I wanted to post this to build awareness to anyone else who has this condition and is struggling with confidence and knowledge of what it is as I wish I was made aware earlier.

Keep an eye out for clean gluten free recipes over the next few weeks!

Jo x