Spinning Around

You spin me right round, Yes, I am about to review my first spinning fitness class. After recently joining my local gym (when i say local – i mean about 50 steps away from my flat local!) I have been trying out the fitness classes they have to offer, this is my first gym membership which includes fitness classes in the monthly subscription and which i have most definitely taken advantage of this benefit!

There are definitely mixed reviews on spinning and out of the three classes i have attended so far, i thought this one would be my least favourite by far. How wrong I was…

Although I think it is very dependant on what kind of instructor you have on how much you enjoy the class. So far i have attended two spinning classes, one far better than my most recent class.

My first ever spinning class, I was pumped and so motivated. I really pushed myself through the entire 45 minutes, which flew by. The instructor mixed up the different “moves” and changed the rhythm to match the bet of the music. She was smiling and working with you the entire time, giving you praise, when you really needed it! I was so impressed that I kept up the pace of every other member the entire time, I left the class feeling so pleased with myself and wanting to book in for the following week.

clean and green girls

Instagram: @cleanandgreengirls Post spinning & still smiling!

Following my first class, i was really looking forward to my next, the usual instructor was on holiday so we had an alternative, I kept an open mind until we finished the warm up. What i loved about my first class was it wasn’t focused on “imagining we are riding along a road” or “riding up a mountain, racing to the top”  which is exactly what this class turned into. Although i still pushed myself, i definitely found myself taking the resistance off during some of the interval training. I have realised I am not motivated by “imagining to overtake the person next to me” on an exercise bike. I have learnt i am motivated by the energy of the instructor and moving to the beat of the music.

This is most probably where the mixed reviews come in, everyone is motivated in different ways, I would 100% recommend trying a couple of spinning classes (preferably that are held by different instructors) to see if the class/ which instructors method works for you.

Jo x

Legs, Bums & Tums: Bottoms Up

Got buns hun? You will after this class!

Make your fat cry with this low intensity Ab shredding and butt burning fitness class. I am talking about Legs Bums & Tums, you will squat till you drop!


Legs Bums & Tums is the perfect full body aerobic workout aimed at specifically toning up your legs, bum and tum. These are notoriously the worst parts of your body when it comes to shifting fat, so by targeting them one after the other you’re tackling all three key problem areas in one fun-packed but very effective 45 minute class.


Starting with a stretch warm up to some get pumped music, then moving into the core of the workout, a circuit repeated 3 times, including: Squats, lunges, ab crunches and mountain climbers.

Is Legs Bums & Tums right for you? Are you looking to:

  • Start exercising and not sure where to start?
  • Mix up your regular workout routine
  • Tone and firm Legs Bum & Tum
  • Raise stamina

This class went hand in hand a day after boxercise. Unfortuantely I can’t make next week’s class, but i have already booked myself in to the following week.


Can’t get to a class? Try these at home: (Link courtesy of My Protein)




Boxercise: Worth a punch?

This month I signed up to my local gym and I have already been 10 times!   Tonight, I thought i would take advantage of the fitness classes my membership includes, so I went to my first class: Boxercise.

I had heard of Boxercise before, but I had no idea what to expect from the class (other than boxing). The class duration was 45 minutes and wow did I feel every minute. It was 45 minutes of intense training and I loved it!

Firstly, we were divided into pairs for the warm up, which included sit ups and light punches , squats and press -ups

Then 3 different circuits, including: jumping squats, kettle bell lifts and boxing. repeat x 2 times

Last high intensity exercise before the cool down: Abs. Oh yeah!

Finally, the cool down and stretching never felt so good!

I was extremely impressed with my first fitness class, I was looking to mix up my work outs to keep me motivated and on my toes, this class will certainly become a regular activity for me!

If you are looking to:

  • Improve upper body strength and muscle tone
  • Release stress and improve overall fitness
  • Learn boxing moves without the worry of getting hit
  • Vary your usual workout

I think you have found your new favourite class!


Gluten Free

Hi all,

It’s been a while since my last blog post! A lot has been happening recently including :

  • Passing my driving test
  • Completing the Great South Run

So aside from a hectic couple of months, I have also decided to go Gluten Free in my lifestyle, now this is not some “fad diet” I’m trying, this has been an ongoing occurance for the past few months.

When eating anything “heavy” i like to call it ( bread, pasta etc.)I always feel sluggish, sleepy, un-energetic, bloated and sometimes sick.

So for the past few days, i have tried to cut back further on the amount of gluten in my day to day diet and i have found the results to be quite effective.

I also have a skin condition called Keratosis pilaris, which is commonly known as “chicken skin” which causes numerous small, rough, tan or red little bumps around hair follicles commonly found on the upper arms and thighs.


Keratosis Pilaris affects an estimated 40 to 50% of the adult population and approximately 50 to 80% of all adolescents.

Keratosis pilaris is a common and harmless condition where the skin becomes rough and bumpy, as if covered in permanent goose pimples.

I have had this for as long as i can remember, originally, I thought it was caused by dry skin, a large amount of ingrown hairs and not exfoliating my skin enough, so i started making this part of my beauty routine, although i saw a minimal difference, i would always find some days were worse than others.

I have always been quite self conscious about it when wearing sleeveless tops and shorts.

Since going gluten free, I have noticed the redness has gone down a lot and there doesn’t seem to be as many on the back of my arms. I will continue to be gluten free for the next couple of weeks and then address this to my GP to inform them to hopefully get a better knowledge of if I am gluten intolerant, but for now, I am extremely happy with the results of my skin and hope for it to get better. A relief of what i thought i would have to live with for the foreseeable future.

I wanted to post this to build awareness to anyone else who has this condition and is struggling with confidence and knowledge of what it is as I wish I was made aware earlier.

Keep an eye out for clean gluten free recipes over the next few weeks!

Jo x

Classic Burger

It’s BBQ season, well it’s meant to be!

Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been brilliant the past couple of weeks, but over the bank holiday somehow i managed to get invivted to 4 BBQ’s. Needless to say, i was stuffed come Tuesday!


Which gave me an idea for a clean, healthy and guilt free BBQ burger.

I used portobello mushrooms as the “buns”  of the burger (you can use alternatives like sweet potato or lettuce leaves) Peri Peri Hache Steak (again you can use alternatives like lean beef burgers/ chicken burgers, which you can get from muscle food.) I then topped the burger off with some halloumi cheese, chopped tomatoes and parma ham. DELICIOUS!

To make this more of a “dinner” meal i chopped two sweet potatoes in half and took some of the middle out to stuff them with spicy prawns.

Now here’s the recipe and instructions:

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes:

  • Cut the potatoes in half and pop in the microwave for about 5 minutes until, they are soft. Let them cool down and then take out some of the middle.
  • Put the sweet potatoes in the oven on 200 for about 15 minutes
  • Stuff the sweet potato with the spicy prawns and serve!

Portobello Mushroom Burger

  • Cook 4 mushrooms (for 2 people) in the oven for about 10 minutes.
  • Cook 2 lean beef burgers on the griddle.
  • Grill Halloumi cheese for 3 minutes each side on a medium to high heat.

Put all together and Enjoy!

Jo x

Jamie’s Sugar Rush

Hi All,

I have just finished watching Jamie’s Sugar Rush. What a documentary, its extremely inspirational and motivational to cut out sugar from your diet.

Jamie Oliver has now added a tax on all sugary drinks in his restaurants, which is something I applaud, I would love for one day to see this tax applied in all restaurants.

Living a “Sugar Free” lifestyle is challenging at first, but so rewarding to your mind and body. I’ll admit, recently i have slipped with my eating habits, but having watched this documentary and purchased three new superfood and sugar free cookbooks, i am so ready to get back to where i was not long ago and i encourage anyone reading to join me.

You can find all three books on amazon. Sugar Free Sugar Free Sugar Free

Alongside the three cookbooks, i also purchased a spiralizer, which i cannot wait to try! Courgette & Carrot Spaghetti are just the beginning. Look out for future posts from me going spiral crazy!

Jamie Oliver has started a petition for their to be a tax on all sugary drinks, which I have signed to support this. I have copied a link to the petition below, please show your support and sign.


(C) Fresh Salmon Fillets

Hi All,

If you haven’t guessed already, i love seafood. Especially salmon.

As i have preached about in previous posts, i shop with Muscle Food and oh sailor do they deliver with their seafood! So after receiving my latest delivery from my favourite meat team, i was desperate to cook the fresh salmon fillets.

Fresh Salmon Fillets:

– 2 x Fresh Salmon Fillets (Muscle Food)

– 1 x Lemon (for juice and slices)

– A handful of Dill

– Coconut Oil

Oil up the baking tray with coconut oil and place both fillets in it, scatter dill over the top of the salmon, cut two slices of lemon and place over the dill. Squeeze the rest of the lemon over both fillets and place under the grill.



Once grilled to your liking, place salmon on plate with your side servings (I served with Asparagus and sweet potato)

Happy Cooking!

Jo x

My Progress So Far – Jo

my new life


Hi All,

When we created this blog, we wanted to help, inspire and motivate girls and guys as far as we could reach that changing your lifestyle is affordable and easier that you think, with a little will power and encouragement, anyone can do this.

Both Tilly and I have been in the “slump” position, where going to the gym or doing any kind of exercise isn’t appealing and we would procrastinate to the moon and back.

I do not want to go back to what i was and i think i speak for Tilly as well following her “summer struggle” blog.

When i decided to change the lifestyle i lead and get fitter and most definitely lose some weight, about this time last year,  i was extremely naive about what was labelled as “healthy” so when i was busting my ass at the gym and then tucking into a “healthy” chicken caesar salad drenched in the dressing, i was wondering why my body wasn’t changing and why i wasn’t feeling any better in myself.

Once i ditched the “fad” diets and started focussing more on a healthier lifestyle change, the penny dropped. I hadn’t been eating anything nutritious and i had been dedicated to the gym for what seemed like nothing.



Eat. Nourish. Glow by Amelia Freer saved me from this black hole of fad and unrealistic “diets” I would recommend this book to anyone. It’s a fantastic read. I learnt so much about food from Amelia.

eat nourish glow

Both Tilly and I walked the 5K colour run last year in October and we both decided that the following year we wanted to be able to run 5k if not more and come back next year and smash it out of the park

Tilly, Jo, Kerrie
BEFORE: Tilly, Jo, Kerrie
AFTER: Tilly, Kerrie, Lynn, Jo, Guy

I started running in January as well as going to the gym, i started with interval training to help build my stamina up, it was a 12/14 week long process to get me up to 5k – which was a massive achievement when i first started.

My advice to anyone who has started running or looking to start, do interval training, you can download apps for free on android and app store.

I ran my first 5k run in March this year. Blacklight Portsmouth. 7pm start – pretty much a colour run but in the dark! Whats not to love?!

Pre – run we were getting pretty cold waiting for the race to start, so we thought selfies would pass the time and keep us warm!

PRE RUN: Travis, Jo, Tilly
PRE RUN: Travis, Jo, Tilly

We ran 5k in 30 minutes, what an achievement for all of us, our first 5K!

POST RUN: Amelia, Jo, Tilly, Travis
POST RUN: Amelia, Jo, Tilly, Travis

Without interval training, i don’t think i would have kept up with running, i looked forward to every run to push myself each time, to run a little longer every time.

So once i knew i could run 5k, without collapsing! I decided to then set myself the next challenge, 10k double what i had just ran that night. That meant a new interval training app to motivate me and keep me going. I was so excited and proud that i hadn’t given up and kept pushing myself.

On 22nd May, i did it. I ran my first 10k. In two months i had achieved another goal i had set myself! So i think you can guess what next challenge i was setting myself…

My first 10k completed
My first 10k completed


Do NOT give up with interval training, you will feel like you are hitting a wall, but this is a temporary wall that you can smash through, think of the finish line.

This was then around the time that both Tilly and I decided to set up Clean and Green Girls, we were both setting ourselves goals for the short and long term and i can’t believe that we have both hit so many of them before our own “ideal target time”

Aswell as running and the gym, i still wanted a challenge and started “insanity” – which totally lives up to its name! I wasn’t strictly following insanity like the guide tells you, i was fitting this workout around me as an additional extra.

I have recently completed a 22k run, funny story really.

I had a hair appointment with Harry’s mum at her salon in Fernhurst. I wanted a fresh barnet for my cousins wedding (25th July) – this has been my deadline for weight loss.

It was a Saturday appointment so naturally Harry had a cricket game and needed the cargo get himself there, now for people that don’t know where Fernhurst or Petersfield are, i have mapped them on google maps below:

petersfield - fernhurst

So about a week before my appointment, i had an ideal to run home from Fernhurst after getting my hair done. When i get an idea in my head, I’m pretty much set on it. I mapped out my route carefully with Harry and was ready to push my mind and body to double the running capacity i am used to.

Saturday is here, Harry’s mum greets me and then says “Oh been to the gym this morning Jo?!” Jo: ” Not exactly” Glynis:”What do you mean?” Jo:”I’m going for a run later” (Harry has to leave and says his goodbyes) Glynis: ” How are you getting home after this then if Harry has just taken the c…”

Needless to say her face was a picture when she realised my plan and told me to make sure i condition my hair when i got home!

Pre 20/22k Run Selfie.
Pre 20/22k Run Selfie.


So where am i now…

The wedding was last weekend and what a blast it was to see family after such a long time! Too Long.

Jo, Harry, Tom, Sophie, Chloe
Jo, Harry, Tom, Sophie, Chloe

No one appreciated our selfie stick except these guys… 

A couple of weeks Harry and i booked a week away to Marrakech in October

Not long before a well deserved week away
Not long before a well deserved week away

and today i have signed myself up to a 10 Mile run at the end of October. So i definitely still have some motivation to push myself to maintain this amazing lifestyle.

I feel great about myself now, more energy, motivation and I’m much happier as a person.

When i started this process i was 12st 5lbs, overweight and over indulging. Now.. 10st on the dot. Healthier, happier and certainly still indulging, but on the right things!

If you have read this all the way through, Thank you and please do not give up if you are following a similar journey.

Jo x


Bikini Blend

Hi All,

Its been a while!

I am here to kick start this blog back into action by talking about my latest purchase towards my fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Bikini Blend protein.

 I was looking for an all natural protein blend to compliment my lifestyle and work outs and most importantly, didn’t make me bloat out to the size of a balloon! I actually found Bikini Blend on Instagram, i followed them because i loved their quirky photos they posted, so when i had a little free time i started to look into them a little more, they only offer the one product, but in two flavours, Cacao and Vanilla.

After reading reviews and researching, i decided to bite the bullet and go for it. A little dubious about the price (£39.99 for 1KG, £24.95 for 500g) i opted for the Cacao, chocolate is my kryptonite!

I was instantly impressed with their packaging:

How sweet are their notes to customers!
How sweet are their notes to customers!

What i also learnt is that guys aswell as us gals can use it too(sourced from Bikini Blend website) :

“We can’t guarantee him ever looking great in a bikini, but The Bikini Blend is known in some circles as the “Beer Belly Buster””

Both Harry (my boyfriend) and i have been using Bikini Blend for just over a month now, we have ours every morning straight after breakfast and WE LOVE IT! I would say we have enough left for at least another 2 weeks.

I believe that Bikini Blend has been the helping hand towards my fitter, healthier lifestyle and i will certainly be purchasing again. Bikini Blend Protein Supplement has done exactly what i was hoping from a shake. No Bloating, No lumpy texture, great taste, keeps my sweet tooth and tummy satisfied and ALL NATURAL! 

Here is some nutritional information (sourced from packaging and website):

bikini blend nutrition

Bikini blend nutrition
Bikini blend nutrition


I’d love to hear what you all think too, please leave comments below!

Jo x

Sources: http://thebikiniblend.com 

Mighty Mackerel


This is a recipe steal from Eat Nourish Glow by Amelia Freer. One of my favorites, especially when i am in a rush or the cupboards are looking bare!

This makes a fantastic lunch or starter.

The recipe below serves 2:

– 225g (8oz) smoked mackerel, broken into pieces

– Juice and zest of 1 lemon

– Handful fresh dill

 – ½ avocado

– Sea salt and ground black pepper

Blend all the ingredients together in a mixer until combined. Add a little water or extra lemon juice to taste.

Serve chilled with non-wheat crackers or crudites. I often use rye bread.

(might be worth having a mint handy afterwards!)

Happy Eating!

Jo x