Badasses on roller skates

Have you ever felt intimidated and welcome at the same time? Been around a group of people who are so badass but also ridiculously kind and supportive? Were they on skates?

If the answer to all three of those questions is yes, then you probably already know a lot about the amazing sport that is Roller Derby! If the answer to any of those is no, what are you doing with your life? JOKING!

This year I started the Fresh Meat programme with Surrey Roller Girls. From day one I was hooked. I had a spell of bad luck which meant that I almost had to drop out within the first few weeks of the learn-to-skate prerequisite sessions due to a concussion and a very badly injured foot (both courtesy of sparring at Taekwondo, both separate incidents). I’m so glad that I was given the opportunity to continue, thank you Rachael!

Some of my fellow Fresh Meat 2016 graduates and me after our first sock scrim! Photo Courtesy of the SRG Facebook Page

Roller Derby is a sport for everyone, no matter your gender, race, sexuality, body shape/size or anything else. There’s no other sport quite like it.

In Roller Derby, having a team of diverse players not only means you have a lot more fun off skates, but it makes you a better team on them. Different body shapes and sizes are advantages, because different people can be put in to different positions and often naturally fall in to them. Saying that, there are some incredible skaters who are double threats [can block or jam] who you really do not want to cross.

The way Roller Derby works is as follows:

You have two teams on the track, each team has 4 blockers and a jammer. The jammer has to get through the blockers, referred to as the pack, and skate around the track and back through the pack to earn points for their team.

There are about a thousand other rules and conditions for earning those points, but I won’t go in to that here. If you’re interested, you can visit this page.

The players on track will hit each other, hard. They will hit each other to try to get other players to leave the track or to slow them down/move them out of the way to let their jammer through. Derby players are HARDCORE. There are specific safe target zones and parts that you are allowed to hit with to ensure that people don’t die, basically.

To run a game, the players aren’t the only people needed. Literally anyone can get involved in Roller Derby because there are so many officials needed for a bout. NSO’s are non-skating officials and help run the game in set positions (you can read about the positions here although I’m sure I’ll post about it some time in the future!), so you don’t even have to skate to be a part of the derby community! Refs are also needed, and a lot of them. There are up to 7 referees to a game. You need a lot of refs with Roller Derby because there is SO. MUCH. ACTION. An unbelievable amount of action, and it would be impossible for one or two refs to be able to see it all.

SRG’s upcoming Champs home game, SUN’S OUT GUNS OUT! Photo Courtesy of the SRG Facebook page

I’m still a n00b, and I am loving it. There is so much to learn, so many skills that I hope to one day have and I am enjoying every step of the journey.

Thank you to all of the Surrey Roller Girls for making me feel so welcome and empowered and thank you to my fellow Fresh Meat for being just as excited, nervous and nerdy as I am! I feel like I have friends for life already and it’s only been a few months.

If you’re interested in becoming a Badass on Wheels™* then keep an eye out for your local Fresh Meat sessions.

Don’t forget to follow Surrey Roller Girls on Facebook and Instagram!

Peace out,

Tilly xo

*not actually trademarked

Three Mountains, 2 legs!

On top of the World!

Hi all!

We’ve both been busy training, working hard, moving houses and changing jobs so we haven’t had much time to post recently.

We’re committed to bringing you the latest news in our fitness journeys and beyond so will be posting more frequently! YAY!

This weekend I took part in the Three Peaks Challenge with my work colleagues. We had 24 hours to climb 3 of the biggest mountains in the UK; Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon. 

We ascended (and therefore descended) around 3000m across the three mountains with 44km walking and 2000km driving. This was no small feat and was way more challenging than we imagined it would be. The only sleep we could get was in the van between the mountains which doesn’t sound too bad, until you realise that the van is going to be quite erratic to get us there on time and there are 6 other sweaty bodies in there with you (I think the smell of man BO is going to be forever in my nostrils). You can’t stop for decent meals so you have to bring a lot of snacks with you, carbs carbs carbs for between the mountains and high sugar snacks and energy gels to carry up the mountains. All of this plus wet weather kit, lots of water and any additional kit you might need in your pack and you’re looking at carrying a fair amount of weight.

Minibus seat
My bed for the weekend

As someone who doesn’t eat meat, I also didn’t have any particularly high protein snacks with me. The lads were carrying things like biltong to add that extra bit of protein when their bodies were craving it. I survived on a diet of pasta, Mini Cheddars, Skittles and Veggie Percys as well as energy gels, Lucozade Sport and about 6 litres of water.

It was tough, really tough. I didn’t carry walking poles as I found that they slowed me down on our training weekend. This was a double edged sword; I would have been slowed down by the poles but I would have taken a lot of pressure off of my legs and knees should I have decided to use them. I’m glad that I didn’t.

I am so proud of my body and I feel incredibly strong, my legs held out the whole way, I achieved a time that most people can only hope of getting.

The full team! Naïvely smiling away.

Our final times were:

  • Ben Nevis Car Park to Pen-y-pass Car Park: 26 hours, 20 mins
  • Peak of Ben Nevis to Peak of Snowdon: 20 hours, 38 mins

We were told before we took on this challenge than anything under 30 hours was an achievement. We smashed that.

The individual mountain timings were:

  • Ben Nevis – start 15:00, summit 18:18, 5 hours 31 mins total climb
  • Scafell Pike – start 02:30, summit 05:20, 5 hours total climb
  • Snowdon – start 12:20, summit 14:56, 4 hours 59 mins total climb

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 13.58.09

I learnt a lot about myself on this journey, I am stronger than I ever could have imagined and my willpower and stubbornness can be a blessing. I can sleep in a van (something I couldn’t do before) and dribble a lot when I do so. My sense of humour can withstand the toughest of challenges.

Unfortunately, we hit bad weather on both Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike. At the top of Nevis we were shrouded in clouds which decided to pour hail, sleet and rain on us as soon as we began our descent. Scafell Pike is hell on Earth and we almost got lost due to the low visibility whilst we made our way through the fog of clouds that surrounded us. Fortunately, another group were coming up at the same time as us and one of them knew the way and helped us get back on track (THANK YOU KIND STRANGER). With drops of thousands of feet hidden around us, we had to make sure that we didn’t put a foot wrong. The wind picked up on all three mountains and was bitingly cold, it whipped around us and we had to keep firm footing to keep from being swept away.

It wasn’t just tough physically and mentally, it was incredibly dangerous too. Thankfully we managed to do it with no casualties and no major injuries. Though there were a few sore bums when some of us fell over on the descents. The paths (when you’re on a path) are made of uneven stones which are very slippery when wet. I was lucky to only fall down on the grass bank which I decided to climb to avoid the dodgy rocks on Scafell Pike.

An idea of the treacherous paths
An idea of the treacherous paths

As we descended Snowdon, with sore knees and heavy eyelids, our spirits were still strong. We reached the finish line after one more bend, just one more, oh wait, yeah, one more bend! And we were full of pride for the stellar effort that we had put in. I think we’ll be feeling this sense of achievement for a few weeks yet and I am so proud of the team that I was with for suffering through the pain and reaching the finish line.

Would I do it again? Maybe, when I forget how horrible Scafell Pike is to climb in the dark and what a disgusting climb it is.

Would I recommend it? Yes, absolutely. You’ll never do anything else like it.

Keep an eye out for more posts soon!

Tilly xo

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 14.15.44

This challenge was undertaken in aid of the Haemophilia Society. A UK based charity who do excellent work in supporting those with blood disorders and their families. You can see more about their work here: You can sponsor us at the following link:

Exciting stuff coming in 2016…

Hi Everyone!

In 2016 I will be embarking on a collection of adventures, these aren’t ‘New Years Resolutions’ and have been in the works for a couple of months already.

The biggest challenge 2016 holds for me is the Three Peaks Challenge. In just 24 hours (although we’ll be happy with under 30!) we will climb Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon. My soul will be broken and my muscles sore but  I am incredibly excited to have this opportunity as it is something that I have been looking to do for years. I will be doing this with a team from work and training for most of us has already begun. Unfortunately, due to a recent bout of illness, my training is already behind! This means I’ll be working twice as hard to catch up over the next few months. The climb date is set for 2nd July 2016. Watch this space for updates on my progress during training and information about the charity we are supporting, as well as information on the best kit to use and the food etc that I will be taking with me!

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia


The second challenge of note was a stroke of luck! Thanks to an Instagram competition, my sister and I are going to be some of the first to try the new Green and Lean workout and meal plan. We won this competition through @honestlyhealthy and will be updating on progress and reviewing the workout plan as we go along!

Green and Lean Winners
Photo Courtesy of @honestlyhealthy on Instagram

On top of these fitness and food adventures, I have a holiday to prepare for! I want to be looking my best on the beach, so I’m going to be working hard to feel confident in my bikini! We fly on 30th March, so I have just 3 months to get ready to #RockThatSwimsuit!

This year also marks the 3rd year I will have been doing taekwondo and the year I can finally obtain my black belt. Thanks to the training and support I receive every week at the Taekwondo Academy I’m feeling ready to hit this goal and to approach 2016 with more determination and dedication than ever before! Today I’m a red belt, by the end of 2016 I hope to be a Black Belt Level 1 Senior Instructor. Bring it on, Travis!

I’ll also be signing up to a collection of races and challenges throughout the year, likely including the Colour Run and the Colour Obstacle Rush. More on this as they get booked up.

I hope everyone is feeling as excited as I am about the New Year and as usual, we would love to hear your goals! Feel free to chat to us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Happy New Year!

Tilly x

Why I’m not changing my FB profile picture to the French flag

Last night I sat, like most of the world, watching in horror at the events unfolding in Paris and hoping for the safety of all of the innocent people involved, silently devastated at each new loss.

My heart weeps for everyone affected by this heinous act of terrorism, for the destruction and loss.

I am not going to change my profile picture to have a filter of the French flag on it. Here’s why:

  • The same day as the attacks in France, a bomb was detonated at a funeral in Baghdad. I didn’t hear about it until after the attack in Paris.
  • The day before the attacks in France, over 40 people were killed in Beirut and over 200 were injured. I didn’t hear about it until after the attack in Paris.
  • Mexico and Japan have both been hit by major earthquakes, I haven’t heard much at all about these incidents.

Every day more and more people are being killed by acts of terrorism, or huge natural disasters. Changing my profile picture in support of one country is not going to help this. That is why I pledge to donate to relief funds for each of the countries named above and to find out if there are any other ways I can help.

The refugee crisis is still a problem and they are not the cause of these incidents, this is exactly what they are trying to escape. If we block our borders, we’re forcing them to decide to either go back to the same hell we’ve just witnessed or to stay in camps not knowing their final destinations.

They may have different coloured skin, or speak a different language, but they are the same as you and me and they want to live in peace.

I stand with Paris. I stand with Beirut. I stand with Baghdad. I stand with Mexico. I stand with Japan. 

I am human, we are one.


(V)(C) Mediterranean Mix with Sweet Potato

As you know, I am not one to stick to a strict recipe, so tonight when I got in I thought I would just throw whatever I could think of together and see how it went…

It was good enough that I had to share it immediately, with Oliver’s review a simple “YUP”.

What you need:

  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • A can of Cannellini Beans
  • 1/2 cup dried split peas
  • 1/2 cup red lentils
  • Some sea salt
  • Some proper peppercorn pepper (the ground stuff just doesn’t cut it)
  • 2 shallots (finely chopped)
  • 2 cloves garlic (minced)
  • Dried coriander leaves
  • Italian herbs mix
  • Dill
  • Coconut Oil

For the bean mix:

Drain, wash and pat dry the beans. Put the beans, lentils, split peas, shallots and garlic in to a pan and cover with water. Then add in the coriander leaf and italian herbs, be generous because the flavours really need to soak in to the water to taste! Put on a low-medium heat until it boils (I put it on for about 25-30mins before taking it off to reheat once the potatoes were done… I wasn’t planning on making a recipe for this so didn’t take exact notes).

For the sweet potato:

Chop the potatoes in to quarters lengthways, place in to a shallow dish (the pyrex kind) and sprinkle loads of dried dill to cover the potatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Melt some coconut oil and pour over (about 1 tbsp worth). Put on a high heat (I did it at 225C on my fan oven) and turn so all 3 sides spend time facing down. Just before they’re done, sprinkle some more salt on the skins to crisp them up. It took 45 mins for the sweet potatoes to cook for me but just keep an eye until you’re happy they’re crispy enough!


You can tell how good this was by the fact I was so excited about it that I had to share it immediately!
Enjoy and leave a comment/review below if you try it out!

(C) Crème Fraîche on Ryvita

What you need:

  • Fruit Crunch Ryvita (the deep red packet)
  • Crème Fraîche (300ml pot, don’t buy the fat free kind – it’s packed with sugar)
  • Chia Seeds (3 tbsp)
  • Ground Almonds (1/2 cup/around 4-5 tbsp)
  • Rose Water (a glug – you’ll need to taste it to see how much you want. I got a 190ml bottle for approx £1.50 from ASDA)
  • Sunflower Seeds (to top with)
  • Berries (I used dried cranberries and fresh blueberries and again these are to top with)

This is so super easy and should make enough to last a full work week (5 days) and will take about 5 minutes if you’re super slow at mixing.


Empty the crème fraîche in to a mixing bowl, add in the chia seeds and ground almonds, mix this all together. Add a teaspoon at a time of rose water, stir and taste as you go, once it’s to your taste it’s pretty much ready to eat!

Spread the mixture on top of the Fruit Crunch Ryvita as thick as you want, top with sunflower seeds and berries and that’s it! A delicious breakfast that will last days! (Store just the additional crème fraîche mixture in the fridge to keep it fresh).

Crème fraîche goodness
The finished product

Give it a go and don’t forget to leave a comment below!


An Open Letter: To My Friends Finishing Uni

We’ve made it through! Three long years apart, you’ve been away having the time of your lives and our journeys have taken very different paths but we made it, we’re still friends and the love never left.

You have no idea how happy this makes me; it’s been hard without you, it’s been hard going through different jobs and moving out on my own without other people going through the same struggles to talk about these things. There are some things I’ve learned in the past 3 years that I want to share with you that (I hope) will help you through the next few months (or maybe year)…

I’ll start at the first next-stage of your lives…

Finding A Job.

Job hunting isn’t easy, it isn’t fun and it certainly isn’t glamorous. My advice? Keep going and use who you know. You might apply for 10, 20, maybe even 50 jobs before you get called in for an interview and you might not even get that job. Don’t be disheartened, the jobs you don’t get weren’t meant for you. I truly believe that you’ll fall in to the perfect job for you at the time you take it. This doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy it – far from it, but you will definitely learn things that you never knew before. I now know how NOT to be a manager, how making friends at work can be dangerous but can also create some of the strongest friendships you’ll ever have and how office/workplace gossip is the most annoying thing about work and how difficult it is to stay out of. Another top tip: sign up to recruitment agencies but don’t rely on them. A lot of companies don’t accept applications from recruitment agencies as it costs them a lot of money, you could miss out on the greatest opportunity of your life by relying on someone else to find a job for you!

Your First 6 Months

So you’ve found a new job? I am so happy for you! But here’s the kicker… you are going to be tired. You’ll be physically and emotionally exhausted and you’re going to wonder how it’s even possible to be this tired and surely you’ll get used to the hours and the work and once you’ve learned the ropes your brain won’t be so overloaded so you won’t be so tired any more. The weariness doesn’t go away, but you do get used to it. I understand that you’ll be tired for the first 6 months or so and you won’t be out as much as you thought because you ‘need to sort my sleeping pattern’ or ‘had a long day and I’m exhausted’. I understand this because I’ve been through it and I know one day you’ll think, just like I did, ‘I can’t let being tired keep me from my personal and social life, suck it up and get out and see people’. Take the time you need to settle in to your new routine but don’t let work take over your personal or social life because you deserve a life outside your job. I’ll be waiting for you whenever you’re ready.

Work Is To Make Money, Not Friends

Likewise with being tired all the time, one of the biggest mistakes I have made in the workplace is entering it with the wrong attitude. I tried to get everyone to like me, I wanted everyone to be my friend and I never wanted anyone in the office/shop/branch to have a reason to b*tch about me behind my back. Now I realise how impossible this is and I go in to work to make money, not friends. I have you guys for friendship – I don’t need any more friends!

Strangely enough, this new attitude has honestly created some great unintended friendships and sometimes those are the best kind. I haven’t heard any office whispers about someone saying something behind my back and people always seem perfectly happy to say anything they have an issue with to my face because they know I’m not going to take it the wrong way. Go to work, be yourself, establish boundaries but don’t try to make friends – you’re all fantastic people and you’ll make genuine friends anyway.

The Workplace Is Not As Accepting As University

One of the things I think I really missed out on by not going to University is the social movements. Feminism, equal rights for the LGBTQA community, tuition fee protests etc are all amazing social movements headed up by University students. The truth is though, in the workplace you’re going to face some pretty bad comments and judgement… and there isn’t much you can do about it. Although I try to call people out where I can, sexism is a real issue in the workplace and for some people it’s so ingrained that they don’t even realise they are doing it. Social movements are great at University but don’t place your job under threat over someone else’s misplaced comment.

Sexism isn’t the only issue in today’s workplace. Ageism is a real issue that every single one of you will face. A lot of people in managerial positions have spent years climbing the ladder and they aren’t going to offer high paying jobs to someone fresh from the clutches of Uni. Sometimes you have to sit it out and watch the bloke who can’t even send an email get a promotion over you just because he’s been there the longest. Get over it, your time will come and if it bothers you then speak to whoever represents your HR department… or you can vent to me!

Speak to HR (or your union rep)

Whether it’s a small company or a large company there should be a HR(or union) representative available for you to speak to if you have any issues. These people are literally company geniuses; they will know almost every (if not all) policies the company has or where to find them and they also will know the rest of the staff and how they will react to certain circumstances. If you aren’t sure of something or someone has made you uncomfortable in the workplace speak to HR or your union rep. Never be afraid to speak to the people representing you, they are there to help and I have never met a union rep or anyone from HR who didn’t have my best interests at heart and who wasn’t sincere and willing to say something bluntly to me or to any offenders.  I’ve quit jobs because I was unhappy but I never went through the right channels to resolve the issues before they reached a point I couldn’t deal with them any more. Don’t make the same mistakes I have, when you join your new company, take note of who’s in charge of your welfare and talk to them when the issues arise, don’t let them build to a point you can no longer cope with them.

Don’t Let Anyone Make You Do Something You’re Uncomfortable With

Take this one with a pinch of salt because, ocassionally, you’ll have to do things you don’t want to do to get the job done. There will always be aspects of your job that you don’t like, whether it’s paperwork, call outs or whatever is relevant to your field. However, if someone asks you to do something that you morally do not agree with, do not do it. If you feel under threat of your job, speak to HR/your union rep. If you’re in a tiny company and you don’t have anyone to speak to or are worried you’ll get in trouble if you speak to anyone then PLEASE let me know what’s going on. There are external sources that can help you such as the Citizens Advice Bureau but there might be much easier ways to deal with things that you haven’t thought of. Just as I use your knowledge of the best clubs to hit up in your Uni towns, feel free to use my knowledge and experiences in the workplace.

Some of this might sound like common sense, but you’ll be surprised how the work place can change your attitude towards a lot of things and how difficult it can be to speak up at work. You’re all lovely, strong, incredible, intelligent, beautiful people and I am so proud of you all for the hard work and dedication you’ve put in to your degrees. Your results are testament to the work you’ve put in but I also know you’ve had the chance to party and have fun too! Things are going to change now and I want you to feel comfortable asking me anything you want to with no judgement and complete understanding along with the sometimes very blunt truths I can offer.

This letter comes with a multitude of love and affection and hope for the future and I’m excited for us to grow, learn, love and live together.

Mostly though, I’m just really glad to have you all home again.

So much love you don’t even understand,

Tilly xo

The Summer Struggle

I find that normally people talk about the ‘Winter Slump’. The time over winter when Christmas hits and you eat loads and exercise less. For me though, the real struggle is summer. Friends are around, the sun is shining and the gym is absolutely sweltering.

I haven’t been to the gym for approx 3 weeks… this is why I don’t feel guilty:

  • I’ve walked along the beach
  • I’ve had a long kick about at the heath
  • I’ve been surfing and swimming in the sea
  • I’ve continued training Taekwondo
  • I’ve done boxing practice down the field near my flat
  • I’ve done some of the most fun, social exercises and been so much happier for it

Hitting the gym in winter is easy for me, I get to use a wide variety of exercise equipment where it’s light and quiet because few people are trying to get their ‘beach ready bodies’ (what does that even mean?!).

Fitness and exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, you should enjoy it! The This Girl Can campaign has been advertising this a lot lately and it’s so relevant to everyone – the gym is not for everyone, neither is running or basketball or football or any particular sport. Trying different activities is the only way to find the one for you and I promise there’s an activity or exercise out there that you’ll fall in love with!

My favourite thing about the exercise and fitness I’ve been doing for the past three weeks is that it’s the most social I’ve been for ages and I still get to have the endorphins flowing! If I asked most of my friends to hit the gym with me I would get nowhere, if I ask them to join me for a walk on the beach or a kick about they are much happier to join me and (apart from travel costs) most of these activities are FREE too.

FREE EXERCISE, SUN AND HAPPINESS – what more could you want? The summer slump is a thing of the past for me now… A walk in the countryside or at the beach or any number of other activities is the way forward for anyone who suffers from the ‘Summer Struggle’.

Get social, get active, get motivated. (I’ve even managed to get a tan which is really quite shocking to anyone who knows me and I’m not quite sure how no one tried to send me back to wherever it is ghosts come from).

I’m also really excited to meet some new people at Fitness Academy, the new fitness class I’m heading up on a Monday night in Petersfield. It’s a whole new venture for me, unlike anything I’ve done before, and I can’t wait to help people achieve their fitness goals!

This summer is gonna be my favourite summer yet; I’d love to hear your stories about fitness and if you’ve found what works for you so please comment below to get in touch.

(C) Dinner Parties – the clean way! (Part III)

I hope by now you’ve had a chance to try the starter and main course in this thread of recipes and enjoyed them as much as I do!

This is, by far, the simplest of all of the courses and is so ridiculously tasty. If I’m honest, I thought this would be the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten in my life and was very pleasantly surprised when I took my first spoonful and found the texture and taste to be incredible. This recipe should serve 4 people (but if you enjoy it as much as me, it may disappear before you get a chance to put it on the table…).

Dessert – Banana, Almond and Chia Seed Pudding

What you will need:

  • 1 cup chia seeds
  • 4 bananas
  • 1 carton almond milk (if anyone has nut allergies you can use soya, coconut or oat milk)


Chop up the banana and put the almond milk and banana in to a blender/smoothie maker and blend until smooth.

Split in to 4 serving dishes – I used a fancy latte glass I had hanging around. Make sure there is some room in whatever you’re using… you’ll see why.

Put 1/4 cup of chia seeds in to each dish, mix, and place in the fridge to cool. The chia seeds will absorb the liquid and become soft, they will also grow. The longer you leave it, the softer they become. I left it about 30 mins and the texture was like mousse however you can eat it straight away, the seeds will just be crunchy.

Chia, banana and almond milk pudding
Looks weird, tastes great!

Serve and enjoy!

As usual, please leave your comments below.

(C) Dinner parties – the clean way! (Part II)

I hope you all enjoyed yesterdays recipe Flaxseed bread with Guaca-HOLYMOLY.  Today I’m bringing you the main course, one of my absolute favourites. I love pizza; pizza is glorious, pizza is great. Traditional pizza is also full of all those things that you really should not eat… so when I started eating clean, I thought this would be my downfall. Except, as it turns out, the best thing about clean eating as opposed to dieting is that you can still eat all of your favourite foods, you just find creative and innovative ways to adjust them to suit you!

Okay okay okay… so this recipe is not 100% clean… BUT with clean eating you still need a balanced diet, so the cheese is fine as long as you aren’t eating loads of cheese every single day (and your body processes dairy fine). Moving swiftly on…

Main Course – Courgette Pizza

What you will need:

For the base:

  • 1 courgette
  • 1 cup coconut flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup cheddar cheese (grated)
  • Dried Coriander

For the sauce:

  • 1 punnet plum tomatoes
  • A splash of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Dried Chives

For the topping:

  • Cheddar cheese (grated)
  • Any other toppings you want to add!


Start by chopping the courgette in to very small pieces. I do this by using my spiralizer to make “curly fry” shapes then chop those up even more finely with a sharp knife. Pop this all in to a large mixing bowl (or, as in Part I, if you don’t have a mixing bowl just use a large pan). Add the coconut flour and eggs and mix it all together, if it’s still too dry add a small amount of water. Add in your cheese and a generous amount of dried coriander. Mix well then place on a baking tray, smoothing it out in to all of the edges. Pop this in the oven at 180oc for a normal oven or 160oc for a fan assisted oven. Leave until it turns golden-brown (see pic below).



All our pizzas are in your base


Whilst this is cooking (it can take around 10 mins) you can work on making the sauce. Keep an eye on the base as it might need taking out whilst you are making the sauce, though!

Chop up all of the tomatoes in to quarters and place in a pan on the hob on a high heat. Add a splash of apple cider vinegar. Stir well and allow to boil. Add in 1 chopped clove of garlic and a generous amount of chives. Turn the heat down to a medium heat and continue to stir regularly, letting the tomatoes completely break down. Once they are completely broken down, let the mixture cool for a few minutes and blend to a very smooth consistency. Pour over the base and spread with the back of a spoon.

Add your cheese and toppings and place back in the oven at the same temperature as before. Keep an eye on it and let it cook until the cheese is all melted and looks like you would normally have your pizza – I leave it about 10 mins.

Serve and enjoy!



Pro tip: If you want some a side to go along with your pizza, make some sweet potato chips. I have a tefal actifry which makes the most incredible sweet potato chips, however if you chop up and place them in the oven (just like frozen oven chips but without the guilt), add some melted coconut oil over the top and some salt, you can get equally tasty sweet potato chips!

NB: I wouldn’t normally serve pizza and chips at a dinner party, but with the twist on these it is more acceptable I believe, plus it caters to all ages!

As usual, please let me know how this recipe worked for you in the comments below!