We are Generation (wh)Y

Every new generation brings a definitive, collective movement. Think suffragettes, think MLK and Rosa Parks; now imagine a whole generation campaigning for equality. That’s us. There’s no definitive age range for Generation Y (or Millennials as we’re also known), so I’m going to go with anyone born in the 1980’s all the way through to the early 2000’s.

2014 saw a huge amount of protest and focus on the inequalities people are faced with, whether you’re LGBTQ, black, a woman or Fergusonany of a variety of other minorities, there was a huge movement for you to get behind and it’s still going. (Think: Ferguson, #TransIsBeautiful and #HeForShe, to name a few.)

We’re a generation where the majority of us have never seen a whole year of peace, who have been hit with worldwide recession and who are constantly called ‘lazy, unengaged and unsociable’ by our predecessors. We’re also a generation of innovation, a generation who focuses on health and the environment, who campaign for inclusion and equality. The evidence is that we are more active,  more engaged with politics and current affairs (as could be seen on anyone’s Facebook timeline during the 2015 UK General Election) and more social thanks  to the invention of social media.

On top of this, thanks to the World Wide Web, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips, accessible at any time through smart phones, laptops or tablets (or any internet capable device – the Internet of Things is real, people). We question ‘Why?’ and we find an immediate answer. This has helped us to be more informed and so we fear social change less than previous generations as we can truly understand different perspectives on topical matters. We are willing to learn and work hard to grow, it may be easier to access the information but we still make the effort to look for it – because of that simple question ‘Why?’.

So next time you’re told our generation ‘has it easy’, is ‘entitled’ and are ‘lazy’, don’t be afraid to question it – why do you think that? We’ve been through economical hell, been discriminated against, and are trying to fix the planet that has been destroyed by your greed and entitlement. We are (for the most part) working towards a safer, more inclusive, healthier society and you don’t hear us blaming you constantly for the state society and our planet have been left in.

Stop fighting against us, stop pushing us down. Work with us on creating a new world and fix the mistakes humans have made in the past. I promise you everyone will be happier that way.

Graphic by domnx on DeviantArt

Disclaimer: I am aware that segregating the generations isn’t 100% accurate and that there are, indeed, some ignorant idiots in our generation and there are a lot of inclusive and active people in previous generations but just let me have this one, okay?